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BNDES: Lender of first resort for Brazil’s tycoons

Joe Leahy The bank faces scrutiny as Brazilians assess the role of state-backed development During frantic holiday shopping in central São Paulo, Lojas Americanas is doing brisk trade in everything from Chinese-made Christmas trees to The Giants of Samba CDs. The customers may know that the discount chain is part-owned by Jorge Paulo Lemann, whose […]

New Trade Routes Brazil

Download this article in pdf Struggling with the transition The end of the commodity supercycle is bringing challenges, reports Joe Leahy Early in October, an event took place that showed that foreign investor interest in Brazil remains resilient, even as the economy has slowed in recent years. BMW, the German carmaker, opened its factory in […]

Dilma’s doldrums

AS SHE hobnobs with the other G20 heads of state in Brisbane this weekend, Dilma Rousseff, re-elected last month to a second four-year term as Brazil’s president, will have precious little besides her (narrow) victory to boast about. Every day seems to bring more evidence of just how big a mess she has left herself. […]

After the election, the reckoning

BRAZIL is not the only emerging economy facing headwinds (see article in this week’s print edition). But it is looking particularly wonky. Having narrowly won a second presidential term on October 26th, this week Dilma Rousseff returned from a spot of post-election R&R to a raft of bad news. The trade deficit widened to $1.1 […]

Brazil’s presidential election

Sep 1st 2014, 23:50 by J.P. | SÃO PAULO   RECESSION is never good news for an administration. And in the run-up to a general election it can be a death knell. With five weeks to go before polling day, Brazil’s opposition must therefore have quietly rejoiced at official data released on August 29th, showing […]

Tropical forests

Tropical forests A clearing in the trees New ideas on what speeds up deforestation and what slows it down Aug 23rd 2014 | JAKARTA | From the print edition IN 1998 Fernando Henrique Cardoso, then Brazil’s president, said he would triple the area of the Amazonian forest set aside for posterity. At the time the […]

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