Brazil’s Outlook

Brazil’s GDP is expected to experience significant growth by 2050 according to economists at PWC. What is the outlook for your country?pictures management1

Brazil is expected to be the 4th largest nation after China, USA and India in 2050 based on GDP in Purchasing Price Parity (PPP) terms, according to the World-bank and PWC. Where will your country be in the rankings?

Although the 7 largest emerging market countries are 50% smaller today (in GDP at market exchange rates), estimates indicate that they will grow to be 50% larger than the 7 most developed countries by 2050. Do you want to participate in this gigantic improvement and reshaping of the economic world order?

GDP for the 7 largest emerging market countries are currently 80% smaller than the 7 largest developed countries in PPP terms. However, estimates forecast these largest emerging markets will surpass the largest developed countries by 75% in the year 2050. In which group do you want to place your long term financial commitments?

Economists argue, by 2017, the 7 largest emerging market countries will overtake the G7 countries in PPP terms. Will you take advantage of this lucrative long-term opportunity?