Corporate Governance

The duty of the fund is to act in the best long-term interests of its beneficiaries. Therefore, a main corporate goal at Prudent Group is to uphold both the legal and ethical responsibilities of good governance. The Board of Directors of the fund is composed of professionals that have a broad range of experience to achieve that goal. In addition to the regulatory responsibilities, the members of the Board and the staff of the investment adviser’s company have subscribed to the Fund’s Code of Conduct, in order to practice the highest standards of corporate responsibility.

One of the central concerns of the fund and the current regulations is to have efficient and effective management and risk control processes. In this pursuit, we have an independent board member whose sole responsibility is the supervision of these matters. The fund has a comprehensive risk manual to continuously monitor all necessary variables, such as: credit risk, counterparty risk, liquidity control, market risk assessment, valuation risks and others.


Furthermore, the fund has adopted the UN Six Principles of Responsible Investments in order to address environmental, social and corporate governance issues in its activities. The fund will become a signatory of the PRI Initiative shortly. The firm belief of the fund is that by aligning the interest of the fund with the above Principles, the fund may help to reduce the risk of negative surprises and increase the long-term quality of the fund. FOR EXAMPLE. The fund’s board has chosen to not invest in weapon, tobacco products and monitors this policy closely, transaction per transaction.

We welcome any ideas as to how we can further improve ourselves in becoming better role models. Hawks watchful eyes, our independent partners safe-guard the investor’s interest by paying close attention to our actions. We are fortunate to work with a group of prominent partners, such as: our Custodian bank, ABN AMRO Bank; our administrative service provider, Apex Fund Services; our accountant, Price Waterhouse and our research partner, Morningstar; all of which push us in our pursuit of excellence.