Ongoing Fees

At the Prudent Investment Fund we think it is prudent for the investor to have access to redeem his or her money on a weekly basis. Consequently we offer weekly subscriptions and withdrawals for our investors.

Each transaction, buying or selling, is done at the same Net Asset Value (NAV). We charge no spreads between the buying price and the selling price, nor do we charge any entrance fees. In this generally low interest rate environment, we strive to provide amongst the highest quarterly dividends in the fund industry. The expected yearly return of 10% or 14% can be paid out as quarterly dividends or the investors may choose to receive an extra 0.5% annual return by selecting the capitalization share class alternative. No extra fees are charged against the investor’s expected annual return if they choose to receive quarterly dividend payments.

As an open-ended investment fund we invite you to stay invested as long as you want. However, should you decide to withdraw your principal investment within a short time period (varies between share classes), we reserve the right to charge up to a 5% early redemption fee. A smaller administrative management fee of 0.40% will be charged as the year progresses. Any performance fee will only be administered when each year’s expected return for the respective share class has been met.