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    Why Brazil?

    Brazil is the largest recipient of Foreign Domestic Investment in Latin America and the fifth largest recipient in the world. Currently, the country is the fourth largest investor in emerging markets and the largest investor in Latin America. Government Debt to GDP slightly more than half of the Euro Area and the U.S. Foreign investments increased by close to 400 % over the last 10 years. Concentrated banking sector with high lending spreads. Significantly lower debt levels per capita than major industrial countries.

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    Why Corporate Lending?

    Annual corporate lending volumes have more than doubled since 2005. The market turnover is approximately USD 100bn. About 150 000 small to mid sized private companies use this strategy for their short-term funding. Past funding costs of 10% per month makes the current 2-3% per month attractive. Efficient collection process keeps default rate low.

Why Invest With Us?


Our team brings more than an aggregated 100 years of local investment experience in this market segment. Local experience counts!

We have a well-organized team of people on the ground evaluating every investment opportunity day in, day out. This has been the primary focus of our key individuals for the last 25 years. Practice makes perfect!

Our cutting edge client evaluation process leads to the ultimate success; our loan losses are as low as any first tier, top ranked bank on the planet. Day to day dialogue with clients and on sight monitoring is part of the key to success!

We offer an access point through an internationally accepted well-established regulated investment vehicle: a Luxembourg-based Fund. Independent reviews, on-going reporting and monitoring of our activities further assist to safeguard your investment!

Our fund offers investments, dividends and redemptions in EURO or USD. The direct currency exchange risk from investing into a foreign currency environment is thereby reduced!

We offer access to quarterly dividends at very attractive levels. High dividend yields!

No long term lock-ups on the investment. We offer both weekly NAV-calculations and liquidity. Who wants to give up access to the invested capital for several quarters after requesting a redemption?

The ultimate proof of a fund manager’s belief in their product is charging the bulk of any fee after the investors receive their annual expected returns. We do!

Do your other managers have the same conviction in their investment strategies?